A Community Organization

Diversion Indy is a furniture store with a heart for others. We believe in the powerful impact of
HOME.  Not only do we all need a home, but having what we need in our home makes a
difference, that is where Diversion Indy comes in.

We partner with amazing organizations that are walking individuals along the path to
obtaining a safe place to live.  Once there, they are able to obtain the items they need and would like to have
in their homes thru Diversion to begin to thrive in their new space.

Simply said, having items in your home that are no longer needed  and not having the items you
need in your home both present a problem. Through generous quality furniture donations, 
Diversion becomes the conduit to DIVERT items no longer needed into usefulness. 

Funds made available through our Diversion furniture sales and donations from individual and corporate donors give us the opportunity to grow and train our outreach team, develop programming, and most importantly allow us to provide needed items to help people set up a place to call home. 

So, come shop with us and find the perfect sofa or rug for your home. The household items made possible by your purchase provide a daily reminder to people who are recapturing their unique place in this world that they are not alone. 

Deanna Whetstone




 Interior designer with a heart to use her talent to serve others.  Believes God is the creator of beauty and order and has experienced first-hand here at home and across the globe how that can effect us in so many ways. Desires to help others feel His love by creating environments for others that provide the opportunity to flourish. 

Linda Cook




Curious development professional. Excited about relationship cultivation, leadership development and team dynamics. Passionate about impacting community wellness and the good things that are happening in Indy. Desires to love God and others really well.

“Here is what we seek, a compassion that can stand in awe at what people have to carry, rather than stand in judgment at how they carry it.”

– Father Greg Boyle